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Hey there, I’m Taylor, and I began my career by promoting musicians to radio stations.

It’s true. In fact, I graduated from Metalworks Institute in 2012 as a Music Business and Live Sound double major.  At the time, I had no concrete plans for my future, just a whole lot of hopes and dreams. Thankfully, during my final year of school I got an internship at Warner Chappell Music Publishing, and then got hired on at Warner Music Canada shortly afterwards. Within a year, I was working on the promotions team, sending out new tunes to radio stations across the country.

I loved my job, truly, but something in the background always drew me to entrepreneurship. Around the same time as getting hired at the record label, I started writing online for lifestyle publications as a freelancer. Then, in 2015, I launched my first brand — a travel blog showcasing musical points of interest around the world.

 At the time, I thought it would be cool to work online and see the world. Fast forward 7 years and I got my wish. I’ve worked with dozens of clients. I’ve created websites, built content plans, studied SEO, and worked as a VA.   I’ve worked with clients specializing in everything from construction to travel blogging, rock n roll, and wellness.

More than ever, I can proudly say that I love my job. I love that it that challenges me in all the right ways. I love that I get to help people by building brands that feel authentic to them. Oh, and yes, I’m still a travel blogger. 



A digital marketing approach as unique as you.

I may have started as a haphazard freelancer offering my services to anyone who was interested. But today, Pulp Digital Marketing is my baby. It’s the platform that lets me help YOU in a way that makes us both shine. During my tenure in the industry, I’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to digital marketing. Using our array of services, my team and I are here to work with you to develop assets that meet your unique needs and resonate with your clientele.

We know that a truly effective marketing asset takes three things into account: data & analytics, brand story, and audience demographics.

 So, what’s our tagline, exactly?

Pulp Digital Marketing is a grassroots agency dedicated to providing bespoke and creative solutions for clientele. Thinking beyond the traditional, we specialize in creating long-lasting brand stories that generate leads and grow audiences.

Profesh, I know.


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